[WTT] Selling League of Legends account ( Level 30 / 1400 Elo / 20 Rune Pages )

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    700 Wins 10k Ip Worth of Runes 20 Pages of Runes Champions: All except Fiora and Naut. Skins: Pax Sivir and Riot Singed Blood Moon Akali Blood Moon Shen Royal Shaco Nurse Akali Frozen Olaf Exiled Morgana Harbringer Kass. Deep 1 Kass Hextech Sion Lord Mordekaiser Jaximus Judgement Kayle ghost Gangplank Marble Malphite Buc. Tristana Dragonslayer Vayne Vandal Vladimir Vandal Brand Frozen Nocturne Aviator Irelia Nightblade Irelia Infiltrator Irelia Slugger Trundle Karate Udyr Western Twisted Fate Legendary: Tryndamere / ChoGath / Twisted Fate PM Me your offers, I take anything, beta keys, steam or whatever. NO PAYPAL, already have enough money. Thanks boys!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.