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    I have retired from Runes of Magic, and would like to trade all of my accounts for an eve account. Runes of Magic Accounts (all character on Macantacht server): I have a number of accounts; Main Characters: lvl 58 Priest, Tier 8 weapon, full HD set of HoS/mem equip, clean HoS statted. (Won a competition with this account, so Priest has a unique pet ) lvl 55 Mage, Tier 7 staff, white HD clean equip set with Hoto stats. lvl 50 Scout, was still in the process of levelling, twinked gear. All 3 characters are on separate accounts. There's also a lvl 50 Warrior on one of the accounts (I forget which) I also have a pack mule account that i'll give you too, which carries loads of useful crap (daily items etc) There are a bunch of other characters, mostly around lvl 30-40, mostly with twinked gear to ease the levelling process Eve Account: Im not asking for much with regards to the account; Im looking for a Gallente spec (preferably, but will consider other races) character for running lvl 4 missions. I don't care about current faction standings (so long as their not negative). The ability to fly HAC's (Ishtar) and the use of T2 Heavy drones would be great. The character MUST have a sensible name with no numbers in their name and it must be properly capitalised. Overall this is a great trade. I don't intend on playing RoM again, so am more than happy to give you all of my accounts in exchange for a fairly newbie eve character, whos main purpose will be to grind at lvl 4's once in a while. Feel free to email me with links to your characters skill sheet.
Thread Status:
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