WTT rpg x30 to Arion

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    Storm Screamer 85 Major arcana set with 60fire 60water 30dark and 18 earth resist AM+Acu +150 wind Skills are 10+ (Hurricane+power+15,Arcane Roar+matk+10,Arcane Power+matk+10,Wisdom+mental def+10,Vortex+power+10,slug+power+10 etc) ~6kkk adena HD TTS set+3 tallum hvy set dc robe set like 2k vop ,syn cokes some(~1k) random material like cbp,sop etc. Mithril shirt +4 CP noble lv81 Skill called enlightenment (+40%matk +40% caSting +50% mcrit rate -90% mana conSumption) with a little bit farm for fame u can get Hurricane Armor( -lv83 Skill +wind def and -atk Speed for attackerS.),or pvp enchant for robe and arcana mace(fame is already enough to make it) subskills: -CP -Celestial -+9%Matk;+9%Casting trigger from Summoner everything went to get a pvp damage dealer,with fullbuffs+Arcane power on ->over 10k matk basically,with enlightenment like 15k,+judicator buff like 32k matk.One person one shot =D if someone is interested i can make a printscreen about stats. WTT this and some other stuff for a lv78 warcryer at Arion,with email available
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.