[WTT] [Read if you are gonna buy/sell accounts] Account Sellers/Buyers. (Avoid scams)

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    Hey everyone. I just needed to share my personal experience with account buying/selling. If you are one of the people who are going to buy account now or in the future, Always keep these few points in your mind before purchasing an account. Buying * Make sure the person your buying from has atleast a little bit rep or has not just recently joined to sell an account, those people are the most suspicious ones and most likely they are there to steal your money,(I cant say every one of them but seeing the HIGH rate of scammers lately, it just seems like that. Its just highly advisable. *Ask the seller to post a screenshot of the character in the game to you, this will avoid him fake selling something to you (Something he doesnt even have and asks you to go first) *Keep in mind that your doing something against EULA agreements & terms, so there is high risk in trading/buying/selling accounts, so if you are going to buy something, you must make sure you get full information of the account e.g Cdkey, copy of ID of the seller(Most important) & also their phone number with confirmation call of their identity. *If you find anything suspicious about the seller, like if hes refusing to do confirmation call or showing you the character screenshot or anything easy to give away, it probably means hes upto something no good, Obviously a good seller or a real seller wouldnt mind giving away anything to help their transaction go smoothly, Buying is your right and you must make sure you are getting what your paying for. Selling *Watch out for fraudulent Charge backs / stolen paypals / mastercards, always make sure the buyer's identity, make confirmation call, add each other on bnet e-mail ID, so you can check their first and last name. *Find the right buyer, make sure the buyer is also a highly repped person in or atleast has been hanging around for a while, not just another one who just registered here to just scam you, if you are going to sell something, you need to be ready to give away some personal info, it does involve risk. *Comparably to a buyer, the seller has always upper hand of getting the money first, if you know your trusted then its your right to get the money and then give the account. *A seller should always keep in mind that you are supposedly to make the buyer believe that you wont later in future retrieve the account back, Account retrieval is the most common thing happening in Account trading, Most of the time sellers want to play their old characters and just retrieve it back which is considered a scam / fraud, Never ever trade/sell anything if you are willing to later retrieve it back, its just wrong. Anyways, i know most of the points above are common sense but it should stay as a reminder for everyone who is account trading here, My thread is a reflection to the recent posts of people selling their diablo accounts, Just like in world of warcraft, d3 accounts can easily be retrieved back if disputed. Stay safe everyone and happy trading. Regards Nav.
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