WTT: Neverwinter Founder - Guardian & Starter Kit 280$ value account

Discussion in 'Neverwinter Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Neverwinter, 9/18/13.

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    I have already come to the conclusion that this game was not for me, and hence I want to take the oppertunity to make something back for the horrendous ammount of money I put into this game already.

    The account does not contain any charcter of higher level, a 18 Trickster Rogue and a 13 Control Wizard. As stated in the topic the account comes with every pack, founder, hero and starting kit resulting in ALOT of items for every character you create on the account.

    Im willing to trade this account for a EU WoW account with something half descent on it, does not really matter what class but I would prefer a Priest or Warrior above the others. Im also willing to trade it for a very old WoW account without expansions, or early expansions such as TBC if it contains some old gear, titles or achivments AND have been inactive long enough for me to use the scroll of resurection. If your account is not eligable for a scroll of res then sorry, not interested.

    Im also willing to take money over verified PayPal, as im verified as well.

    please post here for interest and if you seem like a legit buyer we can talk more over .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.