[WTT] NA Level 30 LoL Account with 49 Champs and Tons of Skins!

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    Please post here before contacting, I WILL not answer your IM if you do not post here first plain and simple. This is my first post on spamsite but I have traded on other forums before. Don't know what happened to my other post it bugged out when I tried to edit the links so if you find it disregard it. Sorry to administration if this causes a problem I do not mean to post multiple times. Details Account level: 30 Number of Champions: 49 Number of Skins: 15 If you want to know which ones just contact me. Rune Pages: Two full for Magic and Physical Champion Archetypes. With Magic Pen, Armor Pen, Armor, Mana Regen, Cool Down, and Heath Runes. Pictures What am I looking for? I'm open to anything really, but please do not be offended if I do not like your offer. The only other game I play is World of Warcraft so possibly a Faction Change or Re customization or similar would be cool. Just hit me up on AIM and let me know what you have to offer, if you are offering cash then you will need to send it mail order or something as I do not have access to PayPal ATM. Contact Information Aim: Kuh5lol If I do not answer immediately please wait a few minutes as I'm usually working 10-6 Mon-Sat but I own my own business so I have access to my computer while I'm there. ---------- Post added 05-19-2011 at 10:10 PM ---------- Much better, and again please disregard my previous post something went bad with it not sure what happened to it.
Thread Status:
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