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    Ok firstly a few things: NO RENTING! READ THE ENTIRE POST POST HERE B4 CONTACTING OR BE IGNORED SCAMMERS TAKE A HIKE Im trading my 70 Orc shammy, details are as follows. PVE Server. Transfer Down for about a week. Game time till early August. Gear PVE ) Currently Resto with 1737 healing self buffed, with 134 MP5 while casting, comprised of the following. Head: Tier 4 Resto Neck: Resto Pre 2.4 Neck Shoulder: Seers Rin Shoulderpads Back: Bishops Cloak Chest: Earthblood Chestguard Wrist: Bands of Indwelling Gloves: Tier 4 Resto Belt: Belt of Gail Force L: Tier 4 Resto Feet: Forestlord Striders Ring 1: Violet Signet Ring 2: Meder's Heart-Ring Trinket 1: Scarab of Infinite Cycles Trinket 2: Ribbon of Sacrifice Weapon: Shard of the Virtuous Shield: Light Bear's Faith Shield Totem: Totem of Healing Rains Gear: ( PVP ) PvP gear is mailing a few S2 pices for Ench and S1 for ele started pve and just think i would like pvp more Proffesions: 375 Skinning / 320 Enchanting Has full Ench set, that is better than Resto just trying to build up a resto set, For ench a fast round up of his gear Glad helm/shoulders,all the rest are kara epics, with glad mace/decapitator he has 1082 ap with just the glad mace on and 20 crit chance. His ele gear is just a bunch of random epics/blues Other Info: THREE Level 19 twinks on the account, two ally chars, a hunter and druid, and a horde rogue Also a 52 rogue 36 Badges Very good rep with nearly all BC factions. What Im Looking For at this point: A AOC account, must have CD keys also, and any information needed to play AOC. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE FOLLOWING: Must have all information for AOC, i wasn't given the Full name so i don't expect you to have yours, but I have all other information needed to make the account yours Must be able to show in-game Must be able to talk on vent /phone If ive missed anything we shall discuss it over vent / . Thank You [email protected](Grace) [email protected] Editlease post here before you e-mail me or contact me on
Thread Status:
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