WTT: My WOT Account for EVE Items / ISK / Decent combat or capital alt.

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    Selling my WOT account as I no longer can play due to work and family responsibilities. Only game I am going to keep for now is EVE. Has the following tanks; IN GARAGE: E-100 - Crew on the 4th skill. T-62A - Crew on 4th skill. GW Type E - Crew on 2nd skill. Lorraine - Fully upgraded, crew almost done with first skill. AMX 13 90 - Crew on 3rd skill. Ferdinand - Fully Upgraded 1st crew skill almost complete. T26E4 Super Pershing - PREMIUM TANK - Crew almost done with 2nd skill. ELC AMX - Crew is on 3rd skill. AMX 12t - Wass grinding it towards the batchat SPG. Crew is on 1st skill. T18 - Cause it's fun and OP as hell. Crew on 1st skill. T2 Light Tank - PREMIUM TANK - Fast and fun, 1st skill almost done. ***All these tanks have complex equipment mounted.*** The following are fully researched and waiting to be purchased: E-50 ARL V39 Hellcat 395,000 extra experience that can be converted to free experience for gold. only 2k silver (just spent it). 9,500 Gold. Various premium consumables and ammo. WR: 50% WN6 1377 Has a **** load of medals including hard to get ones like Raider, Kolobaonv's medal, Radley Walter's etc. Also has various crew members at 100% in the barracks. This account has been a ton of fun for me, hopefully someone else can make good use of it. If you arre interested shoot me a mail or message here and let's see if we can work something out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.