[WTT] my LOTRO LV 75 CHP [EU] for SWTOR [EU] LV50

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    My champion was my baby.
    She has full rep with all factions, every slayer deed explorer deed, etc in game bar 3, lowest virtue is probably rank 16, plenty of gold and tonnes of emotes/store boughts including some rare mounts
    she also has all +50 perma bonuses and all legendaries + skill deeds&legendaries complete

    literally thousands of hours lovingly put into this acct

    love swtor though, and want to swap it for an EU EN acct

    only 3 conditions:
    ==it must be a non-PVP EU english server
    ==it must not be sage/gunslinger/scoundrel/vanguard
    ==must not be overly well-known etc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.