[WTT] My league of legends account for a runesacpe account!

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    So i decided to stop playing league of legends, i used to play runescape a couple years ago but i got hacked, i dont want to put 2 years of training in to it The league of legends account is level 30, Email me: Wietzehoky Owned champions: Akali - Stinger akali, nurse akali and bloodmoon akali Alistar. Amumu. Anivia. Annie. Ashe. Blitzcrank. Caitlyn - arctic warfare. corki - Hot Rod corki. Dr mundo. Evelynn. Ezreal - Frosted ezreal. Fiddledicks. Fizz. Gangplank. garen. Graves. Heimerdinger. Irelia. Jarvan. Jax. Karma. Karthus - Phantom karthus. Kassadin. Katarina. Kayle - Judgement kayle. kennen - Deadly Kennen. Leblanc. Lee sin. Leona - Valkyri Leona. Lux. Moakai. Yi. Miss fortune. mordekaiser. Morgana. Nasus. Nidalee. Nocturne - Void Nocturne. Nunu. Olaf. Orianna. Pantheon. Poppy. Riven. shaco. Shyvana -Boneclaw. Signed. Sion. Soraka. Talon. Taric. Teemo. Tristana. Trynamere. Twisted Fate. Twitch. Udyr. Vayne - Aristocat. Veigar. Vladimir. Warwick. Xin zhao. Yorick. Zilean.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.