WTT my Decked out Agent for RK1 Credits

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    Never sold the account yet, I am accepting to trade the account for 3.5 billion credits or a full set of QL 300 combined commandos armor. Please contact me, contact info is on the bottom, thank you. Level: 220 Agent Server: RK1 Alien Level: 22+ Expansions: All Expansions including Lost Eden Breed: Opifex Faction: Omni This agent has everything that an agents need for PvP and PvM. Pandemonium Gear, AI Gear, LE gear. Almost a Full Set of The Beast Armor. *3500 Tokens (has 2500 and 1000 TokenBoards)* *Full Set of Combined SharpShooters Armor x7 Pieces *Burden of Competence (The Beast Back Item) *Shoulderplates of Sabotage (The Beast Shoulder Item) *Full set of HIGH QL Syms with Def Implants for Uber Evades (lots and lots more refind implants and symbiants in bank) *Star of Stealth *BioMaterial Defensive Shield *Aquarius's Multitask Calculator *Maar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed (Agil/Sen Belt) *Maar's Red Belt of Double Power (Str/Sta Belt) *Gaily Painted Hood *Greaves of Malfeasance (The Beast Pants) *Cuirass of Obstinacy (The Beast Chest) *Cancer's Time-Saving Memory (Zodiac Item) *Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper (Zodiac Item) *Intuitive Memory of the Aquarius (Zodiac Item) *Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo (Zodiac Item) *Capricorn's Relieable Memory (Zodiac Item) *Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra (ZodIac Item) *FUll set of QL 300 Chosen Armor *Full set of Azure Armor *Hold Hell at Bay *Pure Novictum Ring for the Artillery Unit *Every required important quest done. *All types of Bracelet of Arul Saba *All types of Rings *Bags and Bags of twinking items *All the Garden Keys *All needed Agent Rifles (AI Rifle/LE Rifle/Lord of Angst/Booster/Jotr/Garganthua/Focus/Oneida etc.... This account also has a nicely Twinked PVP SOLDIER and account has so much more items that I didn't list. Will show agent online to people who is interested in a trade! Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected] Internet Chat of Choice : Messenger at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.