WTT: Multiple MMO accounts || RIFT || GA || DCUO ||=== FOR EVE TOON // ISK

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    Looking to trade multiple MMO accounts for a PVP EVE toon, or EVE ISK. 1.) CE RIFT lvl 50 Rogue. ( EST $100-200) Almost full epic, close to rank 4. PVP and PVE gear. Epic sword, and bow as well 110% mount, decent Plat. ~50k favor to spend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.) Extreme Global Agenda account, 3 lvl 50's (max lvl). 1 lvl 40. (EST $150-250) 3 WINNING AVA SEASONS!!!!! 4 Twilight dye 1 fire dye bound to account Elf head and commonwealth robot head flair 50 Medic- OC rockwind OC BFB OC heal nade 50 Recon- OC raven smg 50 Robotics- OC focused repair arm OC harken 40 Assault- OC Inferno cannon as well as another OC gun All classes have most of the conquest and mercenary purples except for the ones that are garbage or that i have better of from getting loot on mission. All characters are fully modded and epic armored except the assault which has partial epic armor. Sellable loot as well!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.) PlayNC account. 2x City of heroes+Villains accounts. 1 has GR.|| Over 20 lvl 50's !!! (EST $150-300) Almost every single lvl 50 is fully decked out in billions of inf for IOs, PVP IOs, Purples etc Vet account. Couple boosters unlocked as well. Most are built beastly for PVP. As much as inf can buy basically. Toons could be liquidated, and inf sold to come out with $300-500 ALONE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.) DCUO account (EST $50-100 ea.) lvl 30 Sorcery Hero on most pop PVP server. 97 dps MA weapon MANY T1 and T2 Pieces for PVE MANY T1 and T2 pieces for PVP 52 Skill points! lvl 30 Fire, over 40 skill points. Has T1 and T2 PVP pieces -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.) STO account. (EST $150-200) 2x Vice Admirals Both with aegis sets. tons of accolades, and fully pimped out in amazing equip, over millions and millions of creds in gear. 2 other alts as well (RA Klingon tact and RA fed tact) Max lvls are both feds, tact and engi ================================================== =========== Willing to trade multiple as well depending on offer. AIM: SBane12
Thread Status:
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