WTT: MAX GEARED SORC for Equally geared Elyos Ranger On Siel

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    Armor: Archon Commander's Divine Tunic +10 Archon Commander's Divine Leggings +10 Archon Commander's Divine Shoes +10 Archon Commander's Divine Pauldrons +10 Archon Commander's Divine Gloves +10 Accessories: Archon Commander's Turquoise Necklace Archon Commander's Turquoise Earrings x2 Archon Commander's Turquoise Ring x2 Archon Commander's Sash Kahrun's Turquoise Earrings x2 Kahrun's Turquoise Necklace Kahrun's Turquosie Ring x1 Weapons: Kahrun's Tome +15 (C2 combine/Blue Silence) Archon Captain's Hexbox +0 (Blue Para) (Purchased this to derank) A2 60 eternal tome. Misc: 1,000+ Major Divine Life Serum's (1k Ap Each) 1,000+ Major Divine Mana Serum's (1k Ap Each) 40 Platinum Medals 0 Mithril Medals (due to just purchasing the Tome) 1,633 Seed of Transformation Crafting: Expert Essencetapping: 499 Expert Aethertapping: 433 Master Alchemy: 502 Expert Construction: 434 This is a Asmodian Sorc on the Kahrun server. I am looking for a Ranger with equal gear +10 with all 60e accs and a +15 TS bow. (since mine comes with the a2 tome as well) The Elyos Ranger NEEDS TO BE ON SIEL Needs to be full a2 +10 Needs to have a +15 wep Needs to have a bit of kinah if you cant provide the 'Crafts' and the AP pots like mine has and I also have A LOT of other consumables on the sorc. And it needs to be full 60 eternal accessories. Nothing more, nothing less. I will not take a scattered geared ranger, I also record the entire trade. Any problems and I will post the video on the main Aion forums. --edit-- Or taking an Elyos Ranger on kahrun. I really want to roll a few of these asmos on KR....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.