[WTT] MANY ITEMS ON Arena x200 (dragon-network) FOR ITEMS on Dragon x15

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    WTT THIS ITEMS FOR COINS/ITEMS ON DRAGON x15 Arena Light set+6 DN LIGHT SET+6 (atr 9lvl on all parts) DN ROBE SET+6 (atr 9lvl on all parts) AQ RINGs+3/5/6 ZAKEN EARRING+5 BAIUM RING+4 ANTHARAS EARRING+5 VALAKAS NECKLACE+4 ICARUS BOW+f+10 (max lvl atr) ICARUS SPIRIT+A+3 (6lvl atr) ICARUS DAGGER+3+CD (8lvl atr) DYNASTY DAGGER+3+CD(8lvl atr) DYNASTY BOW+F+3 (5lvl atr) AM+A+8 (5lvl atr) Saint Spear+HASTE+12 (5lvl atr) HD+F+9 DHA+HP+10 (6lvl atr) 51 donator coins 130k gold alot zaken daggers FS ANTI MAGIC ARMOR FS PROTECTION OF RUNE Arena Mask 2x tatto emp mage 2x tatto emp warrior alot BOGS 2 clan halls in aden Arena Shield human+3 Arena Shield orc+6 Arena Shield elf+6 if have interresting pm me what items u have on dragon x15 prefer coins
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.