WTT lvl 80 warlock, 80 rogue, and 80 dk for Aion Account

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    Warlock: full PvP gear 3/5 deadly 2/5 relentless full relentless off-set for destro and affliction 1800 weapon epic flying 2.5k gold 400 jc 400 enchanting Rogue: 5/5 tier 7.5 epic flying 450 alchemy 450 herblore Dk: Naxx10 gear epic flying nothing else really that special Playtime on the account and no cooldowns on any sort of xfer, faction change, ect. I am looking for an Aion account that has 45+ char/chars on it,Asmodian and Sorcerer/Chanter/Cleric are a huge ++++. There must be some money on the account, and play time. i am looking for ppl with 5 positive rep and twv if possible. i will go first. the above is what i prefer all other offers will be considered. post before contacting, or i will ignore you AIM: amoron18 Email: [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.