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    Hello, like title says i would like to trade my Asmodian Bakarma Gladiator with full 40 Elite-Set on a EU-Server against a other Asmodian Char on EU. Some facts about my Glad: # Bakarmas Pole fused with Lvl 50 Elite AP Pole with Silence GS: ~> Screenshot # Full Lvl 40 Elite Set +12 with Crit and Accurancy: ~> Screenshot # Full Lvl 55 PvP Acc's. 4 of them Eternal: ~> Screenshot # The new EC Plate Helmet: ~> Screenshot # A all in One Screenshot with Stats and whole Gear. ~> Screenshot Some other facts: # ~85 Mil Kinah + things on broker # ~15 Platin Meds in store + every Q can be done ~15 times # ~1000 of every Scroll (Run / Attackspeed / Critscroll) # ~500 Pot's (TP / MP / Healing) # ~150k AP in store # Payed till 10th November. Getting Luckywings on 2nd November! (24 Month reward) Okay, now some things that your account should have if you want to trade with me: # Similar gear to mine. (40 or 50 Elite +10 / Good weapon with PvP Fuse +10 / PvP Acc's) # Similar Kinah, i wont take a poor Account # Platinmedals, similar to mine # Enough Scrolls and Potions, similar to mine # Amount of AP, i wont take a Account without any AP. # Must be on a EU Server and Asmodian! # A big PLUS if the account have 23 Month Reward or better. If you're interested to trade your Account with me, send me a PM or post here with Screenshots of your Character, your Gear and your NC-Soft Account window (you can delete your Accountname etc). Normally i only trade it for an Asmodian but if i get a really good Elyos offer, ill maybe trade for it too! Best wishes, Yukkii. Push + some new Facts: # ~35k of EC Medals # ~500 of the new EC Medals for the PvP Armor # Much Balaur Mat's
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.