[WTT] lvl 30 eu-w acc! 74 champs | 23 skins | cheap

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    Hey spamsite! I've been playing LoL for a very long time now, and it's getting boring. Account got 630, not so high elo (almost 1300:S) . If you find a good team it should be easy to get up! So, im going to sell my LoL eu west acc with 74 champs and 20 skins for about 25-35$ It has 4 rune pages. 1 for AD. You have 91 ad + 10% armor pene with dorans blade in lvl 1 with Noc / Olaf and these guys. 1 for AP. You get 48 ap + 10% magic pene with Dorans ring in lvl 1. 1 for TANKING. Gives 12 magic res, 8 armor, 175 health at lvl 18, 1.7 armor pen and 78 health. Around 780 hp / 50 armor and magic res at lvl 1 with shen with dorans shield. 1 for Singed / Cho gath! My main chars! Provides 19 ability power, 8.5 magic penetration and 52 health. AP tanking Skins I got: Golden Alistar and Unchained Alistar Noxus Hunter Anivia Prom-Queen Annie and Frostfire Annie Gentleman Cho'Gath and Nightmare Cho'Gath Frosted Ezreal Hextech Janna Commando Jarvan IV Jugdement Kayle Swamp Master Kennen Spellthief Lux Charred Maokai Leopard Nidalee Perseus Pantheon Blood Moon Shen - Very cool skin Hextech Singed Renegade Talon Badger Teemo Leprechaun Veigar Commando Xin Zhao and Imperial Xin Zhao Skype: Furiounzappz Steam: Nerfkitt3n - Post before contacting!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.