WTT: Lvl 30 account bronze + 9 page runes+ skins

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    CHAMPIONS: Alistar : UNCHAINED ALISTAR Amumu : Little Knight amumu Annie: Goth Annie ezreal: explorer ezreal Fizz: tundra fizz GangPlank : sailor gangplank Jayce: Deboinar Jayce Kogmaw : Jurassica Kogmaw Lee Sin : Dragon Fist Lee Sin Lux : SpellThief Lux Maokai : Charred Maokai Renekton : Rune wars Renekton Volibear : Northern Storm Volibear Warwick : Big Dad Warwick Runes: MARKS Greater Mark of armor x9 Greater Mark of armor penetration x5 Greater Mark of attack damage x9 Greater Mark of attack speed x4 Greater Mark of critical chance x3 Greater Mark of magic penetration x9 SEAL: GREATER SEAL OF ARMOR x9 Glyphs: Greater Glyphs of cooldown Greater Glyphs of scaling magic resist x9 Quintessences : Greater Quintessences of Ability Power x3 Greater Quintessences of Movement Speed x3 Greater Quintessences of Gold x3 Greater Quintessences of Critical Chance x3 Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage x1 i wtt for 4 o5 skins if u are interested : aniwel.cs email: [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.