WTT Lifetime LotRo 50cpt for WOW account level 70

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    Hello I am new to the forums and I would like to trade my Lifetime Lord of the Rings Online Account (worth $200) with a 50 Captain for any WOW (World of Warcraft) account. The WOW account must a level 70 character on a PvP server with epics. (I will not consider any PvE accounts). I will consider all offers but I would prefer either a WARRIOR/PALADIN/or DRUID. Please send the armory link(s) of the characters to my email at [email protected] After consulting your armory link I will reply in email with my interest for more information. I have played Lord of the Rings Online since inception and you are getting a good account in my opinion especially since the free update Book 12: The Ashten Wastes is coming out soon. In addition this is a lifetime account which means no monthly fees whatsoever. The are only 2 main characters on the account and they are listed below (one is a monster player). All the important details are below: Level 50 Man Captain Hails from Gondor 2,792,706 XP Server US Kinship Kinsman Lifespan Rank 9 Ear = Brilliant Misty Mountain Silver Earring Ear =Glittering Misty Mountain Silver Earring Wrist = Brilliant Misty Mountain Silver Bracelet x2 Finger = Sunstone Ring x2 Pocket = Trinket of Skill Feet = Friend of Aeglas Head = Elf Polished Ancient Helm L = Elf Polished Ancient Leggings Back = Superb Radiant Cloak Neck = Balanin Hands = Oghuk’s Gauntlets Shoulders = Tarflad Chest = Elf Burnished Ancient Armour Mirrored Ancient Steel Halberd (Legendary) Ancient Iron Mining Pick Major Reinforced Man-At-Arms Herald Armaments Grand Master Standard of Hope Intricately Woven Expert Standard of Victory Intricately Woven Master Standard of War Bane of Mordirith Blonde Sorrel Horse Bank Items w/ 1 Extra Storage Chest Equipped Traits Virtues Loyalty 6 Justice 4 Valour 4 Empathy 5 Wisdom 3 Race Man of the Fourth Age Strength of Morale Return to Bree Balance of Man Duty Bound Class Fear No Darkness Now for Wrath Captain’s Hope Turn of the Tide Defiance Legendary Oathbreaker’s Shame The War Rank 2 Esquire 1.5 Stars Rating ~1,300 Total Renown ~2,550 Armourer = Prospector/Metalsmith/Tailor Master Prospector Tier 5 ~3,500 Destiny Unbuffed Health 3,225 Power 1,879 Buffed Health 3,886 Power 1,879 Monster Play Level 50 Warleader Rank 3 Skirmisher 1 Star Rating ~1,200 Total Infamy ~4,600 Health 5,086 Power 780 Armour 1,080 I check my email frequently and will reply in a timely manner. All initial communications will be done through email and subsequently aim/email/phone. Again please send armory links to [email protected] Thank you for your time J.T. [email protected]
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