WTT: Level 60 +15 Glad Asmo Tiamat for Elyos/Asmo Ranger/sin with similar gear

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    PA listed: Looking for Similar Gear on a sin or ranger, pm me or (Humanmale) If the sin/ranger is much more geared I might be willing to sweeten the deal with some cash. Thanks - - - Updated - - - 60 glad Gear: Armor: Full + 15 50e 60 c1 (Shirt, glove,Shoulder,Boot) Weapons: Tahabata's Spear +15 w/pvp combine Triroan's Spear +15 w/pvp combine Tahabata's bow C2 Greatsword (Ready for pvp combine) C2 Polearm (Ready for pvp combine) Acces: Archon Brigade General's Corundum Necklace 30e Earrings 40e Belt Siels Ring of Power Siels Ring of Magic 50e Ring Ancient Spirit Wings 31 platinum Medals 28 Mithril Medals 4268 Crucible Insignia 857 Courage Insignia 479,612 ap 40,000,000 kinah
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.