[WTT] Level 50 SWTOR Account for WoW Mage

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    -Level 50 Sith Juggernaut on Port Nowhere server
    -Tier 2 PvE Set (Minus Relics/Earpiece)
    -Tier 2 PvP Set including Weapon (Minus Relics/Earpiece)
    -18k Health while buffed
    -Every Storyline Title including Darth
    -Level V Dark Status
    -Dark V Epic Mount
    -Exclusive Deluxe Edition Speeder & Lightsaber Crystal
    -Valor Level 22
    -Legacy Level 8
    -Unique Founder title
    -Artifice, Archeology and Treasure Hunter as Crew Skills, but none are higher than 130 I believe.

    -Level 23 Sith Sorcerer on Port Nowhere server
    -Full Level 20 PvP Set (Minus Weapon, since quest one is better)
    -Exclusive Deluxe Edition Speeder & Lightsaber Crystal
    -Valor Level 17

    I'm the original owner and can provide all 5 answers to the security questions. Account is in great standing, aside from 2 warnings on the game forums for profanity (though forum warnings don't affect gameplay status)
    -Forum member status since 2008

    There is still gameplay on the account until February 18th, 2012

    I'm looking to trade this account for a WoW account that is also in good standing, and the owner (doesn't have to be original) can provide all account security details that would be needed.

    Would preferably like to trade for a Mage account. I do not have any preference on race/faction, though Human, Gnome, or BloodElf (for Horde) would be my first choices.

    Please post any offers here, or PM.


    Additional screenshots can be provided upon request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.