[WTT] Level 30 Account ( 60 Champions ) + some skins/lots of runes for HoN Legacy accouuunt

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    I love HoN Im bored of LoL After playing 1800 games of LoL you get quite sick of it and I dont think I could get bored of the completely overblown graphics and awesomeness that HoN presents so yeah... Alright all the champions I dont have are: Twitch Vayne Wukong Talon Noctourne Orianna Miss Fortune Lee Sin Leona Malzahar Maokai Leona Lee Sin Kog Maw Kennan Katarina Jarvan IV IRelia Gangplank Galio Corki Cassiopeia Caitlyn Blitzcrank Anivia Riven For runes ( all tier 3 ) Reds = 6 Atk speed 9 Armor pen 9 Magic Pen 1 Crit chance(lol?) 9 Physical Damage Blues = 9 Cdr18 9 AP 8 Flat MR 1 3.118 Yellows = 9 Dodge 9 AP 9 Flat MP/5 9 Flat Armor 8 Flat MR ( Not a mistakee ) --------------- Skins are. Bilgewater swain.. Bilgerat Rumble Riot girl tris (free) Forsaken Olaf Saquach Nunu Assassin master Yi Desert Trooper Garen Little Slugger Trundle Time Machine Zilean And that new kayle skin ( havnt played in a while ) Skype me Corpsefckermang ( dont get discouraged by the name ) or msg on here and ill try to get back asap...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.