[WTT] Level 30 Account ( 59 Champions ) + some skins/lots of runes for Runescape account

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/29/13.

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    Ive never traded an account before or used this website but figured its active and such, im not immatuer so im sure we can work something logical out Alright all the champions I dont have are: Twitch Vayne Wukong Talon Noctourne Orianna Miss Fortune Lee Sin Leona Nocturne Malzahar Maokai Leona Lee Sin Kog Maw Kennan Katarina Karma Jarvan IV IRelia Gangplank Galio Corki Cassiopeia Caitlyn Blitzcrank Anivia For runes ( all tier 3 ) Reds = 6 Atk speed 9 Armor pen 9 Magic Pen 1 Crit chance(lol?) 9 Physical Damage Blues = 9 Cdr18 9 AP 8 Flat MR 1 3.118 Yellows = 9 Dodge 9 AP 9 Flat MP/5 9 Flat Armor 8 Flat MR ( Not a mistakee ) --------------- Skins are. Bilgewater swain.. Bilgerat Rumble Riot girl tris (free) Forsaken Olaf Saquach Nunu Assassin master Yi Desert Trooper Garen Little Slugger Trundle Time Machine Zilean ------------ Im bassically looking for a pure or a main account with some nice combat stats ( dont really care bout cash long as you have decent stats ) I think thats a fair trade ;D Just, reply on here.. or PM me or somethang, nishka_man is my email/ as I said im sure we can work out something
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.