WTT Level 29 Glad Lumiel for US Wotlk enabled account.

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    Good day! Hopefully the fact that I'm new here does not scare people off. I recently gave my WoW account to a friend so I could concentrate on Aion and well after getting to level 29 it's just not what I was hoping for. I strongly urge you to consider that before trading with me. Aion is not easy, far from it. If you've come from WoW and are interested in Aion be prepared to grind the same mobs for quite a few levels. There is not as many quests as the developers would lead you to believe. I'd like to join my friend on WoW. I'm not the type of person to ask for my old account back, I gave him that. I'm willing to start over from scratch empty wotlk enabled account. (preferably with some gametime, but not essential) So all in all I'm trading a level 29 Gladiator on the Lumiel server for a wotlk enabled account that does NOT have to have chars on it. I'd actually prefer if it never. The gladiator does not have a lot of Kinah, but I recently bought a full set of 29 armor which should certainly help a bit. Oh and one other thing. The WoW account has to be US. And I'd prefer if the account has the original serial. This is perm no tradebacks etc. Please be aware of that first. You can contact me on . I don't usually use , but I thought I better make one for this. [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.