WTT: League of Legends Diamond EUW Account/Great Guild wars 2 account.Info inside

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    Looking for a pretty good account , 10k+ GS prefer Rogue.

    League account:

    82 Champions ( including new lissandra with skin )

    27 champions now owned


    Almost prom amumu

    Woad Ashe


    Frosted Ezreal

    night blade irelia

    mecha khazix

    Traditional lee sin

    Bloodstone Lissandra

    HeadHunter Nidalee

    Gothic Orianna

    Jack of hearts twisted fate

    Aristocoat vayne

    White mage veigar

    Big bad warwick

    Imperial xin zhao

    3 rune pages




    Can sharescreen via

    PM me and leave message here.

    Can also sell on .


    Guild wars 2 account:

    One of the best known accounts on EU.

    5 lvl 80's full geared with very rare weapon + black/abyss/celestial(ascended) Twilight sword on warrior , over 200 normal transfusion stones , and 30 fine transfusion stone . Final Rest , and more. lvl 30 fotm on Guardian.

    Alot of T3 , T2 tokens on every char.

    Full ascended rings 3/5 characters.

    Commander on one of the warriors. About 10 thousand gold farm/spent on the account.

    Very well made characters name and models and i get compliments from everyone.

    PM Your and i can sharescreen all additional info you need about the account , such as stash , inventory , equipment , build etc.

    Comes with all needed information (CD-KEY not provided lost game box , but comes with all needed information for retrieval with proof and support tickets to back it up )

    I have a my account for sale on , you can buy it there.


    Postimage.org / gallery - gw032, gw033, gw034, gw035, gw036, gw037
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.