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    Alloz, i 've been playing for about 3 weeks in the server l2sentinel.br/index-2.html. Some server info: ench rate 75% max for armors/jewels +16 and max for weap +25. The community @ peak times is arround 130k ppl. The items i got are: General -Dyn Robe set +16 -Boss set +16 -Mage cloak +16 -Mage dynasty Hood +16 (the most IG expensive item) -7kk beads -40k medals -75k glits -Earring of Garascia +16 -Earring of Kandra +16 -Ring of Mos +16 -Necklace of Naga +0 -Necklace of Hekaton +0 -Earring of Ipos +0 Weapon and Augments: -IC Hall acu +25 (Active Celestial Shield - it has 5 mins reuse!!) -IC Hall acu +25 (Passive WM lvl 10) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active WM lvl 10) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Magic Barrier lvl 10) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Empower lvl 10) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Cheer lvl 10) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Battle Roar lvl 10 -Adds arround 4k hp) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Prayer lvl 10) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Heal) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Mana Burn) -IC Hall acu +0 (Active Shadow Flare) The char got 1104 pvp & 207 pk atm and he is one of the best geared and in top 5 dmg dealers in server. I'm interested in items in another server. Feel free to pm me ur offer..thnx!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.