[WTT] ilvl 373 holypaladin for Beast lol account

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    My wow account is EU first of all,but i want US LoL account.Now down to account details. There really is too much to say about the account to pt into a post that wont bore you to death,so i'll give you a vague discription. Ilvl 373 Holypala with 2 379 from heroic 25 sinestra(Dragonslayer title rewarded)Rest are all 372 except for one wich is my relic.Paladin is in top 100 guild in world(Think it's in the 60's-70's ranking).Has full vic pvp set for Holy and full vic ret set with 372 wep from 25hc halfus(perfect pwner of pve and pvp).Not alot of vanity,has left over forlorn dust for the tier 11 pieces incase you want pve for other specs.Now down to gold and amenities,Has around 34k gold with enough mats to ah another 30k-35k.Has 3 pages of mounts i know not alot of mounts but they're top notch mounts such as The new Amani Warbear,Drake of the EAST wind(only obtainable through completing every single cata raid heroic and normal(So i have Blackwings bane title to(hc 25 nef)). Now down to titles/vanity: Has 40+titles: Dragonslayer Blackwings Bane LoD(Light of dawn)(25hc LK) And many more extremely rare and hard to find titles. Not much vanity as i believe i stated before About 7 pages of pets and some of them very rare. Alts: 80Mage alt 80 Warrior alt 43 alt twink hunter and 3 17-19 twinks Requirements: The account must be lvl 30 have atleast 70 champions and atleast 40+ skins.Champ requirements:Must have xin zhao,orianna,olaf,garen and skins for everyone. Must have good wins and good win/loss ratio must have Alot of the top tier runes.Must have good ranked rating to. Open to all non-chinese slant offers.Scammers F*** off sorry for my language but im tired of them. Thanks hope for fast replies ---------- Post added 06-04-2011 at 09:33 PM ---------- Bump up to the top. ---------- Post added 06-04-2011 at 09:36 PM ---------- Open to all offers that fit my requirements.Happy offering
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