WTT HoN acc 70 skins etc for LoL account

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    WTT HoN acc 70 skins for LoL account, my account is about 2-3 yers old have lvl 34, not much raiting 1600 only but if you playing good you can have nice skins, taunts and also can get for u nickname cheng if depends of lol account... i want some similar account with some skins and champs... plz write me on email [email protected] my hugerman but i wont use atm becose im at work and working on ships but email checking evry day so write me on email thenks... reason why i WTT becose my all friends transfered to LoL Announcers Seductive Pack Pimp Pack Taunts Dumpster Taunt Fist of Sol Taunt Gore Taunt 70 skins 10 EA Only, 3 Limited edition, full 7 deadly sins and 1 gold collection Envy ( 7 Deadly Sins) Sloth ( 7 Deadly Sins) Pride ( 7 Deadly Sins) Lust ( 7 Deadly Sins) Wrath ( 7 Deadly Sins) Greed ( 7 Deadly Sins) Gluttony ( 7 Deadly Sins) Pollywog Chieftain Female Glacius Raven Soulstealer Nightmare Madman Clown Devourer El Guantelete Ninja Bubbles Queen Arachna Rainbow Rampage Quadropod Tremble Nomaddin White Lotus Silhouette Winston Charmadon Oni Devourer Mutant Parasite Snow Zephyr Flint Boomstick Dryad Warden Frost Rider Mist Runner Scout Dark Jeraziah Logger Legionnaire Infernal Behemoth Queen Monarch (EA Only) Gladius Beardicus (Gold collection) Ronin Swiftblade Death Metal Rhapsody Panthera Gemini Demented Witch Dreadknight Salforis (EA Only) Corporeal Shadowblade (EA Only) Fallen Valkyrie Sister Marty Kangamonium Queen Bee Monarch Warmonger Gunblade (EA Only) Wolly Cthulhuphant Chainsaw Moraxus Geojuice Rhino Rampage Clockwork Archer Sniper Scout CyberValk Crematorium Balph Doll Master Submariner Kraken Serpent Prophet (EA Only) Bone Prophet Mecha Gemini (Limited Edition) Infected Slither (Limited Edition) Warlord Rally (EA Only) Joan D`Rally Shibo Shinobi Executioner Legionnair (Limited Edition) Sabre Tooth Archer Bran (EA Only) Shadian Crusader Jeraziah Patchwork Devourer Golden Centurion Slickz (EA Only) Gideon Tengshe (EA Only)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.