WTT: Herald of the Titans Druid (80) + Warlock (85) and Quadboxing Elemental Shaman 4 Phat

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    Yes that's right, I'm trading my Quadboxing ele shaman Check this thread for Info on the Shamans vbforums./wow-usa-a...l-shamans.html) And I am also adding in a Herald of the Titans level 85 warlock (inactive) with MAURDIN's FAVOR, the frost dwarf transformation item from the LK chest, and last but not least Tabard of the Lightbringer!! Account comes with a SECOND Herald of the Titans druid (80, possible 80 twink in the future) with the nolonger obtainable Swift Zhevra. Other Knick-Knacks include an old Full resil preist twink on Thrall-US, a second warlock at level 80 in some ToC/Uld gear and a BC 19 Rogue twink on a seperate account on the same Battle I'm looking for a party hat, I'm quitting WoW because I've played since BC and it's time for me to casually play another MMO from my childhood. The Shamans are active for about another month and a half, we can both meet in game to show eachother proof. I'm looking for Purple + Cash or Above, AIM me at Blakeadiddles for more info.
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