WTT (H) Starcaller/Arena Master Holy Paladin + Rusted Proto/ Full Prot/ Ret

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    POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING OR GET BLOCKED Yep, as the title says.. i'm sick of wow, and never plan on playing it again. I will trade the account for the following: -U.S Aion CE cd-key -U.S Aion Game-Card -U.S Aion Kinah "on my selected realm" KEEP IN MIND!!! i will not go 1st if you have less rep than me, being TWV with only 1-5 rep means [censored] to me by looking at the raise of TWV scammers these days! ------ have an AMAZING Horde Paladin. Also have a full pvp geared Horde Rogue and Pve geared hunter. 3 80s on the account along with a lvl 75 druid. Account has Vanquisher title for all toons/new toons from tourny. First up: Male Horde paladin. Has Starcaller, 10man Algalon kill w/ Algalons key. Also has quest for 25man Sigils for HMs. Also has ARENA master meaning 2200+ 2s/3s/5s obtained. Has full holy pvp set. Mainspec Holy has FULL offspec prot and ret gear all 2500+ on WoW heroes. 2750+ WoW heroes gearscore for holy. Has 4/5 T9.25 and full ToC/Uld10man HM fillers. Has 31k mana unbuffed. This paladin is decked from head to toe for all specs. Has T8/8.5 for ret and holy including man HM 10man uld items. Aesirs edge/HM Hodir tank shield. Sifs remembrance. Pally HAS Rusted PROTO drake mount. Has Alot of titles as well. Rogue is male UD pure pvp toon with full furious minus gloves. Furious main/oh for mutil. Was a pure pvp toon lil pve gear on it. Lvl 80 hunter in 4/5 t8 but use 2/5 T8 with ToC chest/l. Titles on Pally: ARENA MASTER STARCALLER twilight vanq. Nightfall Undying Argent champ I WILL GIVE ARMORY IF I LIKE YOUR OFFER!!! LOOKING AT ALL OFFERS!!! NO PALADINS / ROGUES!!! HOLY: ://img7.imageshack.us/i/holylf.jpg/ PROT: ://img7.imageshack.us/i/tankyn.jpg/ "while holy specd" RET: ://img7.imageshack.us/i/retdz.jpg/ AiM: xcagedsoul PASTE >>
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