[WTT]Got a rich, deactivated Aion Account? Need a steam account with l4d, l4d2, cs:s?

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    With this weeks upcoming ***************************************************** event, you can turn your old, deactivated or unwanted aion account into something of value ; my unwanted steam account. Below is a picture of the "Games" tab of my steam account, with user information blocked, for obvious reasons. What I am looking for is someone with a load of tradeable or disenchantable items on elyos. Your current server does not matter because server transferring elyos around is easy currently. Whomever PMs or posts (your discretion of contacting me) the most appealing offer to me I will announce to have sold the account to on the end of Thursday, December 6th. However, if your account is not currently on Zikel, I will need you to contact me by no later than Tuesday, December 4th because it takes more than one day for a character to be transfered. I do have a minimum holdout however, which is that if no account worth over 30 million in kinah is offered, I will choose not to trade the steam account. So, for a quick rundown on items that I do want: Disenchantable or unsoulbound level 45+ gold gear Cold Hard Cash (kinah) Tradeable goodies (godstones, enchantment stones, masses of manastones, rare dyes [white or black], and rare/valuable skins Things I dont want: General quest godstones (I have no tradeable weapons to socket them into) level 40 or below gear. I dont care if its full 40 pvp gear, if its not tradeable, and wont disenchant into anything valuable, its worthless to me Soulbound gear that cant be disenchanted (miragents, as an example) If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post. Thanks! EDIT: I forgot to mention, this is for the NA servers only.
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