WTT godly 45 elyos assassin | 7 pcs gold abyss gear | rare stigmas | CE

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    READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD This assassin has better stats than MOST 50 sins. 1 bar away from 46. I am the OO, the account is collector's edition and has many bonuses, including veteran's rewards and the +40 flight time Black Cloud Wings all characters are located on the Azphel(east coast)server. Gear: +1 Xenophon's Dagger(Silence Godstone socketed) Expert Durable Adamantium Sword(+14% attack speed) Telemachus's Jerkin Guardian Squad Leader's Leather Pauldrons(suffers 2.4% less pvp dmg) Shulack pirate's leather leggings Guardian Squad Leader's Leather Gloves(+6% attack speed)(suffers 2.4% less pvp dmg) Guardian Squad Leader's Leather Boots(+21% movement speed)(Suffers 2.4% less pvp dmg) Sarantus's Bandana Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Necklace(deals 3.2% more dmg in pvp) Laigas's Ruby Earrings Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Earrings(deals 2.4% more dmg in pvp) Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Ring(deals 1.6% more dmg in pvp) Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Ring(deals 1.6% more dmg in pvp) Expert Noble Strong leather belt Total Abyss points spent: 435,100 currently has 102k abyss points for u to spend as u please. both lvl 45 greater stigma quests done Throw Shuriken I Shadow Walk I Rune Knife II Ambush I Flurry I Aethertwisting I Alts: 29 spiritmaster 22 sorcerer What im looking for: 40+ sorc/ranger(decent geared + kinah) pvp geared wow account(prefer rogue) 60+ renown rank war account(prefer witch hunter) will look at all offers. i am NOT selling POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING AIM: powaranger1991
Thread Status:
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