WTT GG PvP Ranger for GG PvP Cleric,Gladi,Templer!!!

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    The trading Charr need to have THE SAME GEAR OR BETTER! My Ranger is on Amsodian side!(one of the best ranger on server!) The Equip: -55 Primus Pilus jerkin!(+10) -55 Primus Pilus pauldrons!(+10 -50 PvP shoes!(+5) -2 Arena Parts (Condition 2)(+1-2) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The Weapons: -Archon Brigade Bow!!(+5+)(arena PvP eternal Weapon condition 2) -Korie Bow gold (+11+)(10% PvP Kombi)(silence Godstone) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Accesoirs: -Both eternal PvP Rings! -Eternal PvP Belt! -Eternal PvP Necklace! -both 50 gold earrings PvP! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professions: -Ather 490+ -Alchemy 450+ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Stigmas: He got all important Stigmas for PvP or Pve! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kinah: Enough Kinah to have a lot of fun!in PvE or PvP!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- AP: He got about 650k ap ++!!!!Platinum 75++!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont wanna sell the Charr! I am the first Owner!i am prefering elyos Charr but asmo Charr is ok too!!!! I am the most time online so if you got Questions send me a PM or write on this treat! Iif you wanna chat with me to have a faster conversation I got : //Ts/Ventrillo!!! I can speak German/Englisch/Frenche/Chinese/ !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.