WTT> Gamez Aion Account for Aion EU Spatalos Kinah or Gold coins!

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    Trading Private server Account, Gamez Aion 2 Character's Level 55. I am in-need of Kinah or Gold Coins on Aion EU Spatalos Server not asking for much give me you're offers and we'll see, i have a lvl 40 thats all on retail Gladiator fully socketed all 6 Slots in all armor; Also have a 6 slots Combined 6 slots worth somthing not yet +15 will add it today. i have a bunch of random items on account if you're planning on making new chars you wil have items for it when you reach max and have alot of Manastones. Cleric has random items all yellow 55 Gladiator Weapon : Debilkarim's Spear +15 combined with graceful spear / Combined +15 Secondary weapon :Anurati's Sword + Beshmundir Shield / Kingspin Drenium Shield. +15 Head : Kingspin hairpin Wing : Yuditio's Wing Feather Neck : Debilkarims Corundum Necklace Earring : 2x Armor : Beshmundir Plate +15 Shoulder :Beshmundir Shoulders +15 Gloves : Beshmundir Gloves +15 Pants :Jotun greaves +10 Boots :Malikas Boots +10 Ring : Eternal rings 2x Anurati's Corundum Rings Belt : Malikas Leather Belt _____________________________ PM me if you need Answers, give me you're question i answer them im always on. This Is on Lumiel Server GamezAion
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.