WTT: Fully Loaded NA 30 LoL account w/ALL champions and a few rare skins!

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    I am looking for a NA account with Kitty Kat Katarina that has at least 70 or more champions. If anybody has an account that owns Kitty Kat Katarina I will trade you mine for it including the original email. Champions Owned: All of them Skins owned: Legendary: Demonblade Tryndamere Astronaut Teemo Eternum Nocturne Pulsefire Ezreal Legacy/Limited Edition skins: Badger Teemo Leopard Nidalee Frozen Shen Slay Belle Katarina Huntress Sivir Regular Skins: Foxfire Ahri Godlen Alistar Unchained Alistar Queen Ashe iBlitzcrank Boom Boom Blitzcrank Bioforge Darius Surprise Party Fiddlesticks Nightraven Fiora Special Forces Gangplank Mafia Graves Traditional Karma Pentakill Karthus High Command Katarina Traditional Lee Sin Obsidian Malphite Chosen Master Yi Pentakill Mordekaiser Bloodfury Renekton Headhunter Rengar Battlebunny Riven Augmented Singed Arcade Sona Neon Strike Vi Thunder Lord Volibear Tundrahunter Warwick Special Weapon Zac Shockblade Zed Pictures : teamstryker.pro I will not go first because I got scammed twice already.
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