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    50 Champion / 47 Lore-Master Both are Male men, in good standing. Champ has Mirrored L, Boots, Gloves, Helm. Dragon-scale shoulders Mirrored Maces x2 + Mirrored 2handed axe Axe of Daring + Teal quest bracelet 1 Badhril earring 1 Etched beryl earring, 1 etched beryl bracelet, 2 etched beryl rings, etched beryl necklace Teal bow Fine radiant cloak Controlled Burn and Relentless strikes legendary traits slotted, Joy of Battle is 7/8 Pages Most class traits done, everything but the useless ones. Maxed Loyalty, Justice, Innocence, Fidelity, Valour 6/8 All racial traits finished Large house purchased with 6 weeks of prepaid rent remaining, both vaults open and loaded with materials, fully decorated. Mount Grandmaster Prospector, Master Tailor, Master / Expert Artisan Metalsmith Lore-Master has Full exquisite radiant set aside from the hat 1 etched beryl earring, 1 bracelet and necklace Ornate black ash staff Exquisite radiant cloak Lore-Master class trinket Sword of Knowledge Lore of the Blade and Ents go to War legendaries finished Most class traits finished Most Race traits finished 4/8 Valour, 6/7 Fidelity, Max innocence, Max Idealism, Max Loyalty Mount Expert Forester / Prospector Around 12g~ in cash between both characters with over 15+g in mats between the two. Original Owner, never any issues with either players or gms. Looking for a Horde PvP Transferable account. Warrior / Shaman / Rogue preferred Drop me a line @ chris.tolkki@ or AIM @ Kotipetlo
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.