WTT for wow account 80 only/WTS Aion account

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    II have 3 characters on Azphel. All Asmodian Lvl-23 Assassin Lvl-19 Spiritmaster Lvl-14 half way to 15 Sorcerer I am OO of the account and if I trade, you have to be also. I will not trade or sell with you if you just made your account or have any bad rep at all. I am only looking for Horde accounts lvl 80 only Im only looking for 3 classes also Rogue Hunter Pally-Must have good ret gear I am only looking for geared players Must have Conq. gear No greens No blues Must have Epic flying Its a +++++ to have maxxed out professions Must have time on your account Must have all info and a scanned ID would be nice"if you do not have it we can work with it" I am not caring for PVP geared players If the account has pvp and pve we are good but only pvp will not work Selling account- If I sell the account, I want at least $100 for it. This is a pre-order "not coll. edition" I do have the Xp boost and the hat that comes with the Pre-order. I am only accepting Verf. Paypal for payment. Msg me on here first before you Aim me If I am not on aim leave your aim in here and as soon as I get on I'll msg you. Aim-Septicflesh6666 No scammers, do not try me. I have dealt with everything you can think of. I know I have no rep but you can check all my trades and everything if you want. Also I am pretty good with Markeemordred and goodcatmrgoodcat if you would like to ask them if I am legit. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you all soon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.