WTT for SWTOR Key/Account: have Aion, GW, SC2

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    I'm looking to trade for a SWTOR key or account. Some of my friends are into this game but I don't want to spend hard earned cash on yet another MMO I might not like. Not sure if there will be interest in this but worth a shot. Here's what I can offer together: NCsoft Account (Aion + Guild Wars) Aion played until June 2010, has 7 months veteran reward time. No gametime now, but I was able to look up my characters to remember the details. 5 Elyos characters on the Vaizel server - I leveled 5 characters past 30 to get all 5 pieces of the special level 30 Daevonian armor. 33 Templar, 32 Gladiator (has the courageous daevonian set), 30 Sorcerer, 30 Assassin, 30 Ranger. Daevonian armor can be converted to any class. Guild Wars... ouch, I didn't play this too long, can't remember character details. Not that much on the account. It is the trilogy but does NOT have eye of the north. Starcraft II Account Recently bought this, was a mistake for my taste in games. Account has ~ 5 games played. Have not played in the current season 5. Has the name I have here. Unfortunately I wasted the namechange. Will trade first to someone with good rep since I'm new. I'll do whatever verification is reasonable. PM for more info!
Thread Status:
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