WTT: For a Geared/Moderately Geared Sorc

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    Assasin, Elyos, Israphel: Weapons: 1. Noble Coliseum Champion's Brand w/ +5 attack manastones and silence godstone 2. +1 Noble Coliseum Champion's Poniard w/ +5 attack Manastones Wings: Glorious Black Cloud Wings Hat: Tiamatian Hat PvP Accessories: 40-60 Full Miragent's Set Chest: Divine Coliseum Champion's Jerkin w/ +3 attack Miragent's Jerkin with crit stike +12 Pants: Miragent's Breeches w/ attack +3 and Crit Strike +14 Shoes: Divine Coliseum Champion's Boots w/ crit strike +17 Miragent's Boots w/ Crit Strike +14,12 and attack +3 Shoulders: Miragent's Shoulderguards with attack +3 and crit strike +14 Hands: Miragent's Vambrace w/ crit strike +12 Rings: 1. Guardian Commander's Corundum Ring 2. Guardian Commander's Corundum Ring 122k ap after exchanges in core 5208 Crucible Insignias 78 Kahrun Symbols 208 Courage Insignias Gladiator, Elyos, Israphel Weapons: +10 Lannoks Polearm w/ attack speed godstone +9 Sky Dragon Emperor's Polearm w/ silence godstone +3 flarestorm's sword Expert Drenium Sword Wings: Glorious Black Cloud Wings Head: Master Drenium PvP 50-55 Accessories Chest: Sublime Coliseum Champion's Breastplate w/ crit strike +17 L: Gonon's L w/ Accuracy +27 (2nd tier) Shoes: Gonon's Sabatons w/ accuracy +27 (2nd Tier) Hands: +2 Malika's Gauntlets Shoulders: Sublime Coliseum Champion's Shoulderplates 443k AP after exchange at core 50k Crucible Insignia 31 Kahrun's Symbol 100 Opportunity Token 109 Platinum Medals : Merceedeeez I'm on almost all day!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.