WTT EU West LoL Acc for NA Aion!

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    hey so as the title says im wanting to trade my LoL account (lvl 30) for a NA aion account. im lookin for a lvl 45+ RANGER or CHANTER. or if u have full 30e leather set im willing to trade for that. AND also depending on the lvl/items/kinah on the account im also willing to give a GW2 account. (im the original owner of the GW2 and LoL account so i can provide every detail). My LoL acount (lvl 30) is on EU WEST and i have 61 champions, here are the list of names of which champions i own: Ahri, Akali, Alistar, Annie, Ashe, Brand, Cassiopeia, Cho'gath, Darius, Diana, Draven, Ezreal, Fiora, Garen, Graves, Irelia, Jarvan IV, Jax, Jayce, Karma, Kassadin, Katarina, Kayle, Kennen, Kha'Zix, Kog'Maw, LeBlanc, Lee Sin, Leona, Master Yi, Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Noctourne, NuNu, Pantheon, Poppy, Renekton, Rengar, Riven, Ryze, Shyvana, Sivir, Soraka, Talon, Taric, Teemo, Tristana, Tryndamere, Twisted Fate, Varus, Vayne, Veigar, Vladmir, Volibear, Warwick, Wukong, Xerath, Yorik, Zed, Ziggs, Zyra. I have 28 skin, and here is a list of which skins and for which champs; Foxfire Ahri, Stinger/Silverfang Akali, Frostfire Annie, Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath (Theme), Lord Darius, Soul Reaver Draven, Pulsefire Ezreal (Theme), Nightraven Fiora, Sanguine Garen, Frostblade Irelia, Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV, Full Metal Jayce, Sandstorm Katarina, Mecha Kha'Zix, Jurrasic Kog'Maw, Iron Solari Leona, Ravager Noctourne, Rune Wars Renekton, Championship Riven, Darkflame Shyvana, Warrior Princess Sivir, Crimson Elite Talon, Recon Teemo, Dragonslayer Vayne, Shockblade Zed, Major Ziggs, Wildfire Zyra. 1084 IP MARKS: greater mark of ability power x4 greater mark of armor penetration x1 greater mark of attack damage x9 greater mark of magic penetration x3 greater mark of scaling ability power x5 SEALS: greater seal of ability power x3 greater seal of armor x9 greater seal of attack speed x9 greater seal of health x1 greater seal of scaling mana x1 GLYPHS: greater glyph of ability power x9 greater glyph of attack damage x1 greater glyph of magic resist x9 greater glyph of scaling ability power x1 greater glyph of scaling magic resis x7 QUINTESSENCES: greater quintessence of ability power x1 greater quintessence of physical damage x3 greater quintessence of attack speed x3 greater quintessence of scaling ability power x2 My is: turbochargedboss My email is: [email protected] Feel free to contact me on any of the above information. thank you for taking time out to read this advertisement! Cya on /. PS: (Im new to this whole website, so dont mind me if i do something wrong or have missed some sort of information out, but ur welcome to ask me directly).
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