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    I have a Everquest 2 Account I want to trade for a Everquest 1 Account with 90+ Chars Pref with SK,MAGE, ZERK, RANGER, NEC, BARD, SHM Anything but Cleric type classes MY EQ2 Account has lastest expansion and flagged for each one. - It is a 7+ Year Vet Account (TONS of XP Pots and Call of Veteran and Houses To be Claimed) - Has Level 95 SK with Decent Mix of Skyshrine Raid Gear/COE Gear he is max AA with 320 AA - Char is a BEAST DPS and a Tank -95 Inquisitor with 320 AA And recently Myth Buff from Epic Reps. Has some pieces COE Raid and Instance 1k pp or so -95 Beastlord 320 AA With COE Raid/Instance Gear -92 Guardian 320 AA -35 Dirge 320 AA Max AA Easy to level and play All these chars and more are on Antonia Bayle server which is the most populated at the moment Also have these Chars on Unrest Server -92 Monk SS Gear-320 AA -91 Wizard DOV Gear 300+ AA -83 Inquisitor 300+ AA -51 Dirge 200 AA I believe Like I said account would be worth roughly around 500.00 or so judging from what I have seen in past. This account has been active for 7+ Years and has lots of vet rewards on it with beast chars that could easily hop on and play in current Expac with ease wether it be tanking or dps-ing or even healing with the inq. Each of these can be easily played right now in a group or instance. The Characters that are on Unrest server would need a little work but could be brought up easily with gear and or AA. The Monk I used to main tank on in Raids back in DOV and was one of the best Tanks around and was always looking or had people asking to join group. If played right these characters will have alot of impact. What i am looking for in an Everquest 1 Account Mix of 90's and or 80's with atleast 1k plus AA on them. Some veteran rewards would be nice, I currently have an account from EQ1 with 8 years played time but just lacks the characters. Classes I would like: Mage Bard Zerk Sk/Pal/War Necro SHM Druid RNG Any Classes I can easily PL With is Viable. Although I really would like to have a mix of those classes above on the account. Just let me know what you have. And NO I will not trade for your account with 1 Level 100 with 10k aa. I would like a mix of classes please that still would need work regarding aa's and levels. 90+ Would be best. Please shoot me a message on what you have and maybe we can work something out! NOTE: If you have a spouse/daughter/son/brother/sister/cousin who would like to play Eq2 as well I have another account my Wife does not play anymore I would be willing to throw in. Has: -92 Mystic 320 aa -92 SK 320aa -90 Assassin Mid 100 AA -92 Inq 320 aa with Myth Buffs and Epic done -80's BST and more. Send a tell or msg if you would like to trade.
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