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    Hi guys, i represent a group of high elo boosters, and we offering to you fast and cheap boosting. +60 positive rating on epvp, all done by boosting, thx to you guys. It shows how TRUSTED and PROFESIONAL WE are!!! Our profiles, for obvious reasons are important things hidden Spoiler: ***************************************************** ***************************************************** ***************************************************** ***************************************************** ***************************************************** Use our trusted boosters and feel free to watch your elo raising game by game We can boost on EUW EUNE TURKISH and RUSSIAN I accept paying only by paypal Contact me via my machy35 PRICE FROM DIVISION TO DIVISION 10€ Bronze V - Bronze IV 10€ Bronze IV - Bronze III 10€ Bronze III - Bronze II 10€ Bronze II - Bronze I 15€ Bronze I - Silver V 15€ Silver V - Silver IV 15€ Silver IV - Silver III 15€ Silver III - Silver II 15€ Silver II - Silver I 23€ Silver I - Gold V 20€ Gold V - Gold IV 20€ Gold IV - Gold III 20€ Gold III - Gold II 22€ Gold II - Gold I 27€ Gold I - Platinum V 37€ Platinum V - Platinum IV 40€ Platinum IV - Platinum III 42€ Platinum III - Platinum II 44€ Platinum II - Platinum I Plat I - Diamond V Discuss this on with me PRICE PACKAGE FROM DIVISION TO DIVISION 50€ Bronze Bronze V - Silver V 85€ Silver Silver V - Gold V 100€ Gold Gold V - Platinum V Single wins in divisions 2€ Bronze 3€ Silver 3€ Gold 4,5€ Platinum Placement games (We will be winning your placement games individually or all of them) A placement game is a game played before you know your tier & division, while you are unranked. If your account has 10 won placement games, you will be straightly placed into the Gold 5 Division. Price for a single placement game: 5 € (If our boosters lose one of the placement games, they will play twice as many games remaining from what you've ordered. For example, if you ordered 2 games and the booster has lost 1 of them, then he will win 2 more.) Price for all the placement games (Ten games): 40 € (If our boosters lose any of the ten placement games, then they will boost you up to Gold 5) If you already have some LP-s, I make discount for the current division. If you get low amount of LP-s per game, I will have to raise prices.(specialy for veteran badge and division one, coz ppl with this got like +1LP after reach 90 LP) If I lose the game, until I win again games are for free If you want only few games win, contact me on my and we can talk abour prices. That we also guarantee with our service: -100% Anonymous. Our boosters will never speak to anyone while boosting your account, except for in-game communication. We won't stream games played with your account either (most boosters do this, but not us!). -Best Quality. Our players have all been doing this for a long time, and they know how to play that game, and manage to win! -Watch your boost. You can spectate the games played by us with a secondary account. Just give us your secondary summoner name in a message. -Pause your order. It is possible for you to Pause and Resume our service via and make sure our players will not connect on your account if you don't want to. This way, you can go play a few normal or custom games and still play on your main account. Also if you want to raise your elo by your own we offer to you guys POWER COACHING, for 15€ per hour our boosters will talk with you about tactics, masteries runes champions, play with you normal game analyze your problems and fails in game and give you priceless advices what can give you only diamond players with years of experiences. Be a better player with US! And if u want to order level up your acc at low level (1-29) we can provide that too. For more info contact me on . My recomendation,and words of thanks from our customers (click to open spoiler) Spoiler: Quote: Originally Posted by Skane21 He played 2 vouch games for me and he won them ! Highly reccomand him! Quote: Originally Posted by leekiesin He's a really patient player, he seemed to lose his lane against a Pantheon, playing as Teemo. Little did the Pantheon know about the Teemo. Ended up winning big time in the middle-end-late game. His GPM is good and he can farm really well. He's legitimately diamond & I do vouch for him. Here is the picture from the game: Quote: Originally Posted by shadiss Ordered boost from Gold IV to Plat 5 on EU-WEST... he did a awesome job boosted in few days with no problems .. i highly recommend this booster Quote: Originally Posted by GamerWithFlow
    Hey, I vouched this game at the moment for 2 Wins Division: Gold I Team viewer Support : Yes THIS GUY IS TRUSTED !, when he go bot with his friend then they win/carried =D/ Quote: Originally Posted by Dont be mad fast booster, win every game Quote: Originally Posted by bchanman11 Very fast and very good. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by alerean bronzeiv-goldv done in about 4 days highly recommended this is a legit diamond player Quote: Originally Posted by burgermund Highly recommended!! Did gold1 to plat5. Quote: Originally Posted by chaoslegend Boosted me from Gold 5 to Gold 1 in about a week, was pretty quick honestly. Great booster. Quote: Originally Posted by steffengy Boosted from GOLD V to PLAT V without problems. Really recommendable. Quote: Originally Posted by zumbalove he boostet me 5 days ago. the service was great and if i have a question, i got always the answer from him. He is very friendly. sry for my bad englisch, its not my native language. Oh yes, i have only 1 post, thats because i registered here to offer the trade with him Quote: Originally Posted by Cashiopaya Fast, professional, trustworthy PM'ed him here and instantly got answer. Haven't seen such a good organization lately. Pushers were nice and concentrated at any time. Ordered a boost from G5 to P5 and kazaahm - here it is, only a few days later. How ppl on bad bad sites would say... 10/10 would bang Some of our finished work Spoiler: Gold 5 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 2 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 1 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 1 to Platinum 5 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Gold 4 ***************************************************** Silver 5 to Silver 3 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Platinum 5 (yes they are rly popular :-D ) ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Gold 3 ***************************************************** Gold 5 to Gold 2 ***************************************************** Gold 4 to Gold 3 ***************************************************** Gold 4 to Gold 2 ***************************************************** Silver 3 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 5 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 3 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 2 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 1 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 1 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 1 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 1 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 2 to Silver 1 ***************************************************** Silver 3 to Silver 1 ***************************************************** Silver 3 to Silver 2 ***************************************************** Promotion games to Silver 1 ***************************************************** Silver 3 to Silver 2 ***************************************************** Silver 3 to Silver 2 ***************************************************** Silver 2 to Gold 5 ***************************************************** Silver 4 to Silver 2 ***************************************************** 10 Placement ranked games *****************************************************​
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