WTT Dex x4 for RPG x5

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    I have items/char to trade from dex x4 serv for some stuff on rpg x5 the char is: Storm Screamer 80lvl (84%) - most important skills are enchanted to +7 - +9, have sht load of sp and 8 BOGs and 1 mastery in inv sub: Spectral Dancer 79 (celestial shield skill) sub: Titan 77 (CP Boost skill) - Crush of Doom and Fatal strike are enchanted with fire element sub: Phantom Summoner 62 (Spirit Skill) - this sub was once 76 but was deleted and remade after so the spirit skill is on char Items: AM +3 + acu 150 wind DB +3 + focus 150 earth HD + focus 150 fire Saint Spear 150 fire Dual S +4 150 holy Draco set safe enchant + full atri MA set safe enchant + full atri (ic shield +3 too ^^) DC robe set safe enchant TTS jewel set +3/+4/+5 Stripped Mithril Shirt +4 CP, Bracelet S 500+ LS 76 81 LF + 15 CLF (for premium HB cert) Fenrir 71 + top eq 1,3k atod 1,5kkk adena 23kk AA top C weap +8 top B weap +3 (SOES form atm) like 15k+ iop shards for s80 parts/recs 2k Knight Epaulette + some useful talismans And some more stuff, details on pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.