[WTT] Credits &/or World of Warcraft Gold >>> FOR SWTOR/WoW Pre-paid Game Time

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    As the titles states, I'm interested in trading either my World of Warcraft gold &/or my SWTOR credits for Valid 60 Day Game-time Cards for World of Warcraft - US and/or SWTOR - US 60 day Game-Time Cards.

    What I have to offer:

    World of Warcraft:
    GOLD on...
    Server: Illidan - Horde (US)

    Credits on...
    Server: Lord Prevan - Empire (US)

    What I'm LOOKING FOR:
    x3 WoW 60 Day Pre-Paid Game Time Card(s) >> Trying to get rid of that stupid annual contract that I did not know was forced on you. (Looking for 1-3 game time cards, If i can get a deal on 3 i'll take 3 then).


    SWTOR 60 Day Game-Time Card(s)

    You can either post here with how much you'll be looking to get rid of them for, or feel free to PM as well.

    Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.