WTT Cleric/Ranger Asmodian EU or Glad Asmodian EU for Sorcerer or Ranger Elyos EU

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    cleric and ranger account: Cleric is 40 elite +10 with MR stones and pve jewels reaching 1930 MR Also has full fenris with MA stones and fenris warhammer with silence gs +9 Pacifcation staff combined with pvp weapon. Has both stigma trees (benevolence and call lightning) 300 essencetapping, 449 alchemy, 399 cooking. 60 Plats, 310k AP Ranger is full 30 elite +15 with HP/Crit stones +10 noble dark dragons bow combined wiht pvp bow full 30 pvp jewels and lahkane AP hat 300k AP OR Gladiator Account Full 40 elite +10 with Accuracy crit stones, Bakarma spear +10 with silence godstone combined with pvp weapon Full 50/55 Ap jewels 1 million AP (Am 5 star officer) 114 plat medals 481 Aether gathering AM LOOKING TO TRADE ONE OF THESE ACCOUNTS FOR A EU ELYOS (Preferablly a sorc or ranger or epic chanter! but will accept anything!) looking for a fast trade because my friends have just come back to their elyos accounts! PM me for screens/info and offers ! Please hurry!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.