WTT Champs online/AoC/WAR accounts for 1 LotRo lifetime account.

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    Title pretty much says it. The champs online account has a lvl 31 muntions hybrid. Specs on the char: 36%+ crit chance. 96% crit severity. 2400+ perk points. 22,863 acclaim 3:1 pvp record ratio 300 Arms training (have already purchased the 10g blueprint to craft to max). ~15 global The AoC account day 1 vet, and has 2 lvl 80's, one lvl 67, and 1 lvl 50. On Tyranny Server. lvl 80 Assassin- 3 T1 peices and dual widows pains. lvl 80 Ranger- weilding completely crafted gear, lvl 74 epic bow. lvl 67 Gaurdian- has completely crafted polearm dps gear and lvl 80 epic polearm in the bank. lvl 50 Bear Shaman- basic lvling gear. Willing to trade all for a lifetime lotro account. I also have an inactive WAR account i can throw in as well. You can contact me by email, or by aim. E-mail: [email protected] AIM: Copin2008
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.