WTT CE Aion account 43 Gladiator Elyos for RS account

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    As title says I am wanting to trade my Aion account for a runescape account. The main character of the Collectors Edition account is a level 43 Gladiator, Elyos side, and has two orange-high leveled pieces of gear on him! I am talking about his weapon and shoulders. Everything else is very up to date as far as the gear level he has goes, he also has over 20k abyss points that you can spend freely, that's enough to get a class stigma + more! He has about 500,000 kinah and has a lot of junk that will sell for another 500,000 kinah easily even if you just vendor it! But I suggest using the broker as you will of course get even more kinah smile I would like to add that this character has a very unique look about him, nothing stupid like a bobble head angel that you see occasionally, but I am talking about his remodeled gear. To be honest this is probably the easiest and most fun class in the game, I know from experience, you will also get a lv 28 or so Asmodian Chanter with this account. Anyways, I will NOT go first unless you have a good amount of rep, I am also willing to sell this account for a buyout of $150.00 US through Paypal. If the runescape account has a combat stat of lv 99 (attack prayer strength summon) then it is an auto trade. The runescape account MUST have some time on it because there is still time on the Aion account, but this is negotiable. When you trade me you get - All the info including.. Username to game account Password to game account Username to MASTER account Password to MASTER account SQA's CD Key What I expect from you in the trade email change to my email on the runescape account All question and answers to the account cleared so that I may set up my own info Username (dur) password (durdurdur) and any other info that I may need. EDIT: You must post here before contacting me. AIM - brendanslyon
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