WTT B-Net acc for 50mil++ pvp char

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    Hey i want to trade my wow and Diablo 3 acc for a good pvp char in eve online. My wow and Diablo acc are of thie higes standard so i dont realy want to spend time typing it all down will just tell you fast what it is. WOW: 5 lvl 85s Druid - full pvp gear and some pve Mage - full pvp gear and some pve Warrior - T2 pvp gear and tank pve gear Hunter - full pvp gear and full pve gear Rogue - full pvp gear and MONSTER pve gear Think i have about 30k Gold and the chars have few noticable acivments and mounts. Diablo 3: Babar can clear everything. DH i have cleard all upp to last boss act 3. This is ofc in Inferno. Ther will be 1 montsh worth of game time in the acc as well. Now to what i want, i want a 50mil++ sp pvp charecter i dont care about if your Caldarie, Mimatar or what ever. You need to be abel to fly Alot of ships and have alot of gunnery skills. i dont care what you have in isk / items / ships since thats not what i need if you think this is something you want and got add me to and we can talk! - - - Updated - - - Can add cash if you got amazing char!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.