WTT: Awesome Active Aion Account for FFXI. Not looking for too much.

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/27/13.

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    I have an active Aion account that is paid for until June 11th. I have 2 characters leveled on the account, both are on Ariel US server, and both are Elyos. I have NEVER used a bot on any character, and have never been warned for anything ingame, nor have I ever bought Kinah. I have a total of 5.476.000 Kinah on the account. Account has been active for around 6 months, so there are all kinds of cool stuff you can send to each and every character you make for free from the NCsoft website, including items that give you more exp, special emotes, etc. Character #1: Level 37 Sorcerer. Has every spell and the best stigmas for his level. Has tons of gear in warehouse, and is fully equipped and ready to dominate. 1.081.000 Kinah on hand. Has the level 30 wings, which are quite expensive. Character #2: Level 25 Cleric. This was my crafter, 399/399 Armorsmithing, you could make a lot of kinah with this. Has all spells, skills, and stigmas for his level, and then some. Fully equipped and ready to play. 4.395.000 Kinah. Message me on these boards with an AIM name if you are interested or have any questions, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will also meet ingame to show proof of everything. Scammers don't be dumb.
Thread Status:
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