WTT: aoc or wow account for aion

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    Wow account Has a level 80 resto shammy 5.8k gs and an enhance set 5.6k gs some icc 10 hard mode's on it account is payed for another month and a half i am not the first owner of this account but i will forward the Id scan with it to and any other info need Aoc account i am the 2nd owner of this account This account inc's Toon's: 64 Bear Shammy Server Set 50 Glad Server Set Free level 50 used on the glad Product's: Aoc Tortage Survival Pack Rise of The God Slayer X'Pack Item's are (These can be claimed on any toon) Bag of the Mammoth rider (16 slot bag) Blue Snow Mammoth Totem of Origins The Enruned Kosalan Ring Prismatic Starfall (Firework) Coloring the Sky (Firework) Bag of Holding (20 Slot bag) Tortage Survial Pack Item's (Level 1 blue weapon for all new toons) Pet: Puma Pet: Owlet 10x double xp pots for each toon (These last for 12 hours each and logged out time dosnt count,These were Inc in my 3month sub) Each new toon will also get 30 vet tokens to buy some neet things from mounts to large breasts to pet's This account is still active one a currant 3month sub till 2011-01-17 (17/1/11) I am looking to try Eve online so a blank account with time on it is fine feel free to message me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.